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(January 15, 2019 )

Have you ever wondered why every time you plan an event at your home your Realtor calls you with a showing request? Or you finally make it to that family vacation you have been planning and after months of nothing you receive an offer on your home?  As a Realtor we often joke that if you want to sell a home just plan a trip. I wanted to write about this because I recently just returned home from an incredible 10 days in the Caribbean with my husband and I personally experienced just this.  I think we all know that the Real Estate market has been slow in the lower mainland this fall.  I imagined that the beginning of January would be relatively slow however to my surprise I sold three properties during my Holiday. Not only am I thrilled for my clients but I am really hoping that this is an indication of a positive change in the market this New year.  

So this got me thinking other than pricing your home well (don't forget about lucky numbers) and staging (all about the fengshui) what other good luck charms can help someone sell their home?  I thought these were interesting:

-Sage Smudging Ceremony: An opportunity to purify any energies and replace the space with light and harmony. 
-Scattering Coins: If you want to get a high offer scatter coins throughout the house to invite prosperity. 
-St Joseph the "Underground Real Estate Agent" Bury a statue of St Joseph by your for sale sign once your home sells make sure to bring it to your new home and display it in the house.